Saturday, November 19, 2016

Missing teeth

It sure has been some time since I've blogged... oh that's what I said last time too. Oops. I hopped on to search for the post with Aubrey's first missing tooth , trying to figure out when that was. This blog was their memory book. It was supposed to the bed the thing they could look back at and see those things, and boy oh boy has a lot happened and not a lot of blogging.


But,  I hopped on to find the pictures to show Allyson and Aubrey because tonight Allyson lost not one but two of her teeth! They have been wiggly for quite some time and she too was afraid to pull them out or wiggle them. Tonight while at a Thanksgiving celebration, Allyson was showing off her wiggly teeth to family, we happened to wiggle it out. We scurried off to the bathroom to clean her and the tooth up.  She cried and was so embarrassed. She didn't want anyone to look at her tooth or her new smile.

Thankfully at home she more open to showing off her new smile. When we were putting her tooth under her pillow, we wiggled her other tooth out...or mama yanked it out. This time she was more excited!

She polished her tooth because Aubrey said that the Tooth Fairy only accepts shiny white teeth. Back into the room to document this super exciting evening.
Aubrey brought this back as a souvenir for Allyson from her Oregon trip.


Before all the action

Her new toothless smile is just the cutest ever! The grown up teeth have been pushing their way up, so I know she won't have that toothless grin for very long.


She put her hands out like this and I asked her what she was doing. She said, "I'm like what where are her teeth?" This kid cracks me up, guys! She is just hoping for two coins from the Tooth Fairy, we are curious what the Tooth Fairy does when you lose two teeth on the same day. Seriously, this was big talk at bedtime.

So there's a teeny glimpse into life around here.

Never a dull moment.


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