Monday, May 11, 2015

Naming our kids {Austin}

When I found out I was pregnant with baby number three, I thought it would be fun to not find out what we what our little bundle of joy was until he/she was born. It took some convincing but Conrad finally agreed.

Let me tell you, even though it was my idea not to find out, it was soooo hard to have that self control to tell the tech that we weren't finding out. Conrad wasn't able to come to any appointments because of his work schedule. So I could have found out and kept it a secret {except I would totally have blown it}

I really thought that we were having another girl. There was a teensy part of me that thought boy. So, since we were waiting until the big day we had to have a boy and a girl name picked out.  We deciced to stick with the A theme. While I was pregnant with Allyson, we decided on Aiden as our boy.

Now backstory,  I LOVED the name Austin. When I was growing up there was a little boy that lived on our street and his name was Austin. {fact: Austin was Evan Ellington's brother. And sadly while looking this up, I found out that Austin Ellingson passed away in 2008 from a drug overdose}  He was the cutest little guy ever. I had mentioned the name to Conrad and he has a cousin Austin that lived in Arizona and he just kinda shot it down. So, my second choice was Aiden. At some point Conrad gave the green light to Austin as our boy name. We decided on James as his middle name, after Conrad.

We really struggled with an A girl name. We decided on Aeryn and looking at it now, I'm glad we didn't get to use it. The spelling... really? But we were really trying to get a name we liked and for it to fit. I like Erin not Aeryn.

So, Mr Austin James came into the world 4 days late and has forever changed our lives, in the best way. Austin totally fits him.

He's my adorable little Austin James.


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  1. I never knew what you planned on naming Austin if he was a girl. Did you even talk about names with people ahead of time or am I just completely forgetting?


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