Saturday, May 9, 2015


We took a walk to the campus near our house after dinner last night. My hope was to wear them out before bath and bed. I ended up having such a great time. I saw Aubrey riding her bike while Allyson  pedaled behind her on her 3 wheeler & Austin was happy to hold my hand as we walked. The kids rose their bikes and ran all over. I remember the days when a walk with all 3 around the block seemed impossible and here we were riding somewhere. I watched as they stuck their hands in water and  giggled with excitement as the fountain shot out a new steam of water. 
I sat there and soaked in this moment.

The silliness. The laughter. The excitement. 

My babies are growing up.  Snapped a picture to hoping to somehow freeze time. I knew that this has to at least be our weekly picture. We raced the sun home, bathed the kids,  did our little nightly routine and I didn't hear a peep out of them! 

I hope all my mama friends have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow! 


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