Monday, March 2, 2015

Saying goodbye

I can't help but feel that time is passing by wayy to quick. I feel like it was just yesterday that Austin was born and here we are just a few weeks until he turns THREE. Stop it!  The kids are all rooming in one room and they love it but space is tight in there. So one thing that couldn't stay in there was Allyson's glider.

I loved all of Allyson's nursery stuff. The bright colors, flowers, butterflies and the bits of blue we put in there. Picking out her fabrics for the nursery. Getting the glider covered in the fabric from Kathy at my Baby Shower. Oh, how I remember just sitting and rocking in glider, holding my precious Allyson belly and dreaming of the little girl she would be. Then, all the nights of troubled breastfeeding, long nights rocking away in the glider, and rocking her in the glider with baby #3 in my belly. Taking monthly pictures of Allyson in that glider once she was able to sit up on her own. Aubrey and Ally rocking away and then rocking Austin in that chair.

The sweet, sweet memories.
Allyson 7MONS

The glider has sat in our room for a few month now. It actually became that I would put stuff on, so it was covered in clothes most the time. Finally, I realized we weren't going to be using it. No more babies to rock in that chair. It was time to say goodbye to that chair and take one last picture of Miss Allyson Grace in her chair.


I'm a total sap and cried when we gave it away but I am happy that this new first time mom loves the fabric and will be keeping it on. She will be rocking her own little girl in that chair in just a few weeks.


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