Friday, March 20, 2015

Hey, Friday!

Hey, hey Friday! This week has whizzed by us. I am looking forward to the weekend getting my house cleaned up and ready to celebrate my baby boy!  

It's officially spring time!

I personally could use another  6 weeks of winter. I feel like we had 2 weeks of winter and we've been in Spring mode since The beginning of the year. 
So here's to a long spring!! 


Monday night we attempted to catch a lepruchan. She got away but left the kids some chocolate golden coins. That made for some happy hyper kiddos. 



Aubrey's dance studio has had dress up days this month. This week is Future Self. Aubrey would like to be a doctor or veterinarian. I love it!  Aubrey's friend Abby dressed up as a mommy! So sweet, she was wearing her little baby doll and she had her hair pulled back in a "Mom Ponytail". It was darlin'. There was a teacher, construction worker and lots of little dancers. 

We also picked up her recital costume and picked up her music. Exciting stuff! 

While Aubrey is busy dancing away, the littles and myself hang out in the car. Austin is hiding behind me. "No pic-cha-s mama!" 


Yesterday after dinner, the kids and I had a blast covering our sidewalk and driveway with chalk. I jumped in on the fun and also took some pictures of my little guy. 

My little prince will be turning three. Excuse me while I cry about this. 


Our little garden is coming along. Our peppers finally sprouted.  Our tomatoes are getting bigger and I need to thin them out. 
I am working on a spot to plant these bad boys in the ground. I've been keeping track of the best part of the yard with the most sun. Listen to me, I sound like I'm becoming a gardner. I just might have a green thumb after all. I also have the the kids go out and talk to the plants almost daily. I'm thinking the plants really like it. 

 Do you have plans this weekend? Happy Friday friends!! 


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