Monday, February 23, 2015

Allyson's FOUR year check up

Allyson had her four year well check up last week. This girl was a rock star. She's been talking and asking to get her shots. I found out it was all because Aubrey had told her when you get your shots, you get to have ice cream after.  Makes so much more sense now why she would ASK for them.

"I will be brave, Mommy."
Miss Allyson stepped on the scale and was weighted. Measured her height. Went and did her hearing and vision tests. She has great hearing and vision. She talked the whole appointment about being ready and brave for her shots.  She was not going to cry. I tell you, I was starting to panic a bit. Certainly, she was going to chicken out and beg to not have it done right? This appointment is going too smoothly.

It came time to pee in cup. This girl FLIPPED out. "I am NOT going potty in that CUP!" "No, Mommy, take me home." It's funny because I looked back at her 3 year visit and sure enough she didn't want to do it either. Back to our room we went.

The doctor came and checked her out and she's doing great. A healthy and happy little girl.


The nurse came back in to prick Allyson's finger and give her 3 shots. She was pricked and didn't even blink an eye. I went to hold her arms down and the nurse gave her the shots and Allyson didn't make a sound, didn't tear up, she was handling this! Her band-aids were on her and she popped up and said "SEE MOM!!! I WAS BRAVE ! Let's get ice cream."

 And ice cream my brave little girl had

Height: 40.7 inches
Weight: 37 pounds

You can read about her three year visit here

It's little times like these that I can see how big and grown up the kids are getting. We got shots and walked out tear free. We got our kindergarten shots for goodness sake. It feels like soon they are going to be driving and be getting ready for college. Can't I just keep them little for a little bit longer.


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