Thursday, December 11, 2014

Time for a change

I realized I never posted about the kids new room. Oh my, how blessed we are. Long story short, is the kids were all in separate rooms. We wanted them in one room but with the beds and the size of the room, there was no way this would work. Then we just shoved all the beds in there and just made the best of it. A few days later,  we were blessed with gift to get the kids new beds and bedding. Pretty awesome right?!?

Momma got to work on what we were going to do. We decided on Spider Man and Frozen, because that totally goes right? It doesn't matter, that's what the kids wanted.

Our first package arrived.


Daddy and I got to take a trip to IKEA kid free, that there was another huge gift. Time alone with my husband. A rare event.

So many emotions in taking apart this crib. All my babies have slept in this bed. The baby stage is gone, we are moving on to big kid bed, bunk beds. Which is totally exciting, but I still have that ache in my heart for another baby to rock to sleep. To lay in this crib.

Aubrey and Austin enjoyed running around the empty room while Daddy took the old beds apart.

Ta-da! Bunk beds with a trundle bed for brother.


We made some adjustments, like Allyson and Austin have switched beds. Allyson's bed is moved away because she likes to put her feet on Austin. Or even really really close but not touching him.

They still stay up late laughing, playing and giggling. There are nights where none of the happens and they fight. Then there are those rare moments when they go right to sleep. I just think of all of the memories they are making. They are going to remember those nights, those are going to be some great memories they share.


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