Sunday, November 9, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

At the beginning of October we made a trip our to the pumpkin patch.


We went after the girls had their very first sleepover at Auntie Candice's house and the kids all went in costume. The kids weren't really into taking pictures except for Aubrey, of course.


The kids loved seeing all the animals, as usual. These rabbits were a hit.

Mattress jumping is always a favorite!!

Spider-Man, Doc, Cinderella, a Giants fan and another Doc holding their pumpkins at the end of the visit.

We only managed 2 trips this year. One was a really quick visit and then this one. The month of October flew by for us.

I went through and looked for all of our past pumpkin patch visits. I don't know why I didn't label posts when I began blogging. Didn't I think I would want to go back and see these things?

Oh, my goodness, Aubrey was so little!!! 
2009  2010  2011 Trip 1  2011- Trip #2  2012 2013


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  1. I love that Aubrey is always up for her picture being taken! And, ohmygosh, little Aubrey and little Ally! I love looking at old posts and watching kids grow through the years.


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