Monday, November 10, 2014

Halloween Recap

This years Halloween was a wet  one! Which was great because we needed the rain here but we haven't had rain in forever and of all the days. The kids had an absolute blast trunk of treating at church in the rain. They were giggling with excitement as they plowed through the puddles and they were soaked from their head to their toes.

This year we had 2 Queen Elsas {duh} I really wanted one of the girls to be Anna. I even tried bribing them with an Elsa dress to have after Halloween. No luck though.


Spider-Man and all his muscle showed up too!! Austin was hilarious, when someone would ask to see his muscles he would give me his treat bag and then flex.


Thankfully, the church had some bounce houses set up inside so we were able to escape the rain. The kids bounced out most of their extra energy.

The next day the kids got up and counted their candy. Sorted. Traded. And of course ate lots of candy!
Halloweencandy1  Candy3  Candy2

I was surprised we didn't see as many Elsas as I was expecting. I saw quite a few Anna's and a some Olaf's, which made me smile and I made sure to compliment them.

What was your Elsa count this Halloween? 


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