Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's the little things: Sleepovers

A few months back Aubrey had her very first sleepover with her best friend Cianna. They had lots of fun and keep asking to do it again.

Well, the girls are also asking about having a sleepover with their favorite cousin, Katiya! After months and months, stretching it as far as we could, the time finally came. Aubrey and Allyson had their first sleepover at Katiya's. My girls were thrilled to be staying at Auntie's house. All three girls kept asking when we were going to leave so they could start the sleep over.

Auntie was going to have her hands full with this crew!

I thought Austin would be so sad to leave his sisters, NOPE!

He talked the WHOLE way home, he usually falls asleep in the car after Friday Night Pizza. He stayed up later than usual and enjoyed some ice cream with Daddy and some extra snuggles. He went right to sleep and slept in! Yay!

When I went to pick up the girls, I was so excited to hear about their night. I heard that they all did pretty well and I see more sleepovers in our future!

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