Thursday, August 7, 2014

Just in Case Car Kit

Last month, I had  the chance to guest post over at A+ Life and I wrote about our Just in Case Car Kit and silly me forgot to share it here!

Hi, I'm Heidi and I blog over at All Things A. I'm a mama to three kids who keep me on my toes at all times. Courtney has been so sweet and letting me guest post. I'd like to share with you something that's helping me feel a little more sane when I venture out of the house with my crew.

With three kids there is a ton of stuff to haul around. My purse seems to be the catch all for things. I have Austin's bag that we bring. Aubrey and Allyson usually try to pack a their own bags and take out what I've put in, to make room for their La la Loopsy or Goofy.

A picnic at the park with friends means I will spend 45 minutes packing lunch, running around trying to find sunscreen and making sure we have all that we might need. It never fails, I forget something.

Then it hit me. Packing a bag and just leaving in the car, just in case we need something.

A Just in Case box. Brilliant!

Here's what I've included
-Change of clothes for each kid in a Ziploc bag. That way the wet or dirty clothes have a bag to go in.
-Bottles of water
-Children's Tylenol
-Adult Tylenol
-Baby wipes
-Clorox wipes
-Lady Days products
-Hair ties / Bobby pins
-Extra Ziploc bag
-PlayPacks for each kiddo
-First Aid Kit
-Granola bars {I added those after taking the picture}

Everything except for the change of clothes goes inside a shoebox size plastic container.

I have that shoe box in large plastic container {I might have an obsession with those plastic containers} along with the extra clothes, jumper cables and a blanket. It all fits in there so nicely.

Real Mom moment
The back of my car is filthy. I don't think I ever once thought to wipe down the back of the seat.

It sits right next to my reusable shopping bags. Also when we visited Knight's Ferry a few weeks a ago, my friend Brittany had some play toys that she kept in the back of her car. Man, that's brilliant too! So I added that to my trunk and we've pulled those out a few times at the park and it was hit!

Mama has lots of junk in the trunk, just in case!

Do you have a Just in Case or Emergency Car kit? Is there something I'm missing?


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