Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It's the Little Things: First Sleepover

A few weeks ago, Aubrey and Cianna had their dreams come true, their very first sleepover! They were over the moon excited when we told them that was the plan.

We played outside

Allyson was feeding her giraffe

We enjoyed dinner outside.
Stephanie took Seth home and he was devastated, he didn't want to miss out on any fun.

They girls did an Elsa puzzle and Allyson was quick to come over and tear it apart and then want to help put it together. Little sisters, sheesh!

Sleepover 8

Cianna brought over her Princess Devotional Bible to read. Oh, this was the cutest little bible!! Then Aubrey wanted out of hers. These are the cutest little devotionals, they are by Shelia Walsh, and my girls just eat these up.
Sleep Over 7

About 11 o'clock and the girls were finally asleep!
Finally Asleep
They were up by 7:30 the next morning ready to start the day.  One of the very best things about having your best friend spend the night on a Saturday night, is taking her to church on Sunday morning.
They tried to match their outfits, precious!!

After church, we had lunch and the girls played for a few hours and melted down when I said that it was time to take Cianna home. All four kids were so mad at me. Aubrey and Cianna then asked when they could have a sleepover again. :)

What are some good sleepover games for two 7 year olds and an almost 4 year old? What was your favorite thing to do at a sleepover?

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  1. aww first sleepovers! that is the best! I can't wait for those. I remember making pizzas and doing crafts and watching movies and running around in the sprinklers and eating ice cream and swimming in the pool. It was all fabulous! haha, so funny they were mad it was over. Too much fun, sounds like it was a hit to me.

  2. So fun! I will have to check out that devotional book for sure!


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