Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It's the Little Things: Aubrey's Almost Sleepover

We celebrated Aubrey's birthday on a Wednesday and then had her friends over Friday night for an Almost Sleepover! What's an almost sleep over? We do all the fun sleepover stuff except kids go home at bedtime, perfect for our first friend party!

Aubrey had her friends come over in their pjs for pizza dinner.

Allyson was so excited to with all the big girls. They all loved playing with Allyson too.

After pizza they got crafty and decorated bags. I passed out the bags and markers and it got so quiet, it was crazy. They were all coloring and totally into their craft.
party45 Party3333 IMG_1188

We played a few games like Simon says which was hilarious!

and of course Freeze Dance to Frozen.
Auntie Tess is rocking out to Frozen too, such a good sport. Oh, these girls totally did every stomp, flick of the hair and flicking up snowflakes just like Elsa.

We sang happy birthday to Aubrey then made sundaes and ate popcorn.
IceCream Allyson11

Aubrey opened gifts
Presents Bags2

Such a great time celebrating my biggest girl, I can't believe she's SEVEN!!!


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  1. The whole idea of this party seems to fun to me...a sleep over without the crazy long night! And it looks like Aubrey had so much fun.


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