Sunday, August 17, 2014

Aubrey's first ballet class

Wednesday Aubrey had her very first dance class.


Here's my sweet little ballerina before class.
photo 1

 The classroom that Aubrey is in, is closed off and the parents wait in the main lobby area. They have a window that's about shoulder height so I was able to take a few quick peeks of her.
photo 3

I got to see gems like this. She gave it her all, she would try and try and then just shrug her shoulders and smile at me, like "I'm trying Mom".

 photo 2
About 10 minutes into class, Allyson started freaking out. Threenage attitude at it's worst! So bad that we had to go sit in the car for the rest of the class.

And Austin? He's crying because he thought we were leaving sister, bless his sweet little heart.

photo 1 photo 2

We sat in the car with the music on while I listened to something with earphones on. We spent about 20-25 minutes in the car. They both calmed down and I wanted to go back in and watch the class wrap up.

We walked into the door and that attitude came back. Fell to the floor kicking and screaming. "Pick me up, NOW! I want to see my sister!"

Class was almost over, it's only 45 minutes for goodness sake, but it was the longest 45 minutes of my life! All I could do was laugh because really?

photo 4

Look at that smile!
When I asked how it was, she said it was so much fun! She wishes we could go everyday!

Hearing her say that, made all of the craziness that just happened didn't matter anymore. I would do that all over again for her.

Motherhood, it's so crazy!

 Did you take a dance class? Love it or hate it?


  1. She looks so cute. My daughter loves ballet.

  2. So stinking cute. Threenage attitude, lol been there a million times. Often Emily just starts bawling, I ask why she is crying and she mumbles I don't know in between sobs. Oh my!


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