Monday, August 18, 2014

Aubrey turns 7 - Part 1

Finally getting around to blog about this girl's SEVENTH birthday. This year was a fun one. We had a family party and then her very first friend "almost sleep over" party.

We celebrated with family on her actual birthday. Decorated the house. The whole nine yards. 


What a great picture of all the cousins together. Most are smiling and ALL of the them are looking with their eyes open, I call that a win! 

Birthday 2

We had pizza for dinner and decided to do the cupcakes right after, so the sugar could wear off quicker.


 We did one of her very favorite things, DANCE PARTY and of course to the Frozen soundtrack. Duh!

Next up, presents!
Katiya picked out this Hello Kitty purse for Aubrey, which she adores.

She got a second loom and also a Monster Tail. Now she can make longer bracelets, fatter bracelets and a lot more charms. Nannie was on vacation in Colorado but made sure Aubrey was set with the new looms and tons of bands.

Another animal for the birthday train from Amma.

These next two gifts are some of her favorite. Her family knows just what she wants.
LEGOS!!! Oh her face when she opened one and then the other was priceless. She wanted to rip those open right then.



Aubrey and Daddy stayed up til about 10 putting them together. She was up bright and early asking to finish. The first few days she didn't play with them much because she didn't want them to break, that changed quickly.  Lots of fun celebrating little miss. Then 2 days later we had a friend party with 8 friends from church and school. I'll be posting those Wednesday!


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