Monday, August 11, 2014

Allyson's Back to School Haircut

School is quickly approaching {a week from today} and this my Allybug is going to be starting preschool, at home, and I thought there is no better time for a first hair cut than now.

Haircutfront1 Haircutbefore2
Yup, you read that right, this is her first hair cut.

I've trimmed her bangs and that has been a struggle. Brushing her hair results in tears and screaming, from both of us. I have always dreaded taking her to get her hair cut but I can't do the hair struggle anymore. We needed to have it cut.

She really surprised me with just how great she did. She let the stylist brush AND spray her hair without tears.

Little Miss even liked having her hair blown dry. (Blew dry? Blow dried? I never know how to say that.)


After2 After1
Allyson was rewarded with her favorite, a blue lollipop and even smiled for a picture.
That was a successful hair cut trip!

Side story: An older gentleman saw me taking pictures of Allyson and he asked if I wanted to get in the picture with her. I said sure and handed him my camera. He snapped a few pictures and handed me back my camera. I didn't even think to look at them, I was just taken away by his kindness. I got home to upload them and no pictures of us. He must not have held down the button long enough but it was definitely the thought that counts. 


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