Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's the little things: Chutes and Ladders

I remember playing board games like crazy when I was growing up. I would spend the night at my best friend's house and we would play monopoly all weekend long. When I was a bit older than Aubrey, it was all about the game of Life, Mall Madness and Clue.  Around Allyson's age, I remember playing Pretty Pretty Princess, Trouble and Chutes and Ladders. It was so much fun.

It was about time to play these games with the kiddos and why not bake some cookies AND let's do it 45 minutes before bed.

The timing wasn't ideal but last night we had a lot of fun playing Chutes and Ladders.

Austin was most interested in spinning the spinner. He didn't care whether he was going up a ladder or down a chute to the beginning, as long as he could flick the spinner, the world was a-ok in Austin's eyes.

Allyson did an amazing job last night. She took waited for her turn patiently, she understood the game, and she was even a gracious loser.


Now Aubrey, oh this girl isn't competitive at all, NOT! Anytime someone was ahead of her it was sad face and "oh man, Ally is going to win". Sad face and pouty lips when she went down the chute. Going up ladder and passing up brother and sister, she was all smiles, and giggling. She got a lucky hand and went all the way up the big ladder and just a few spins later she landed on space 100 to win the game!! CLwinner!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

10 amazing uses for Peppermint Essential Oil

Happy Tuesday, friends! Today is the first installment in my little blogging series, and I thought I would start out with one of my favorites



1. Headaches - A drop of this on your head, temples and back of your neck and kiss your headache good bye!

2. Nausea - Inhale or massage a few drop on tummy to relieve nausea symptoms.

3. Diffuse or apply this in the morning to increase energy and alertness. {I diffuse this every morning!}

4. Curb your appetite with a drop in your water or in a capsule.

5. Itching - You can apply to unbroken skin to help relieve the itching. 

6. Stress relief - Diffuse to provide relief from stress, depression and mental exhaustion. It leaves you with a refreshed feeling. 

7. Reduces fevers naturally when rubbed on feet.

8. Reduce bloating. Rub on stomach to help with bloating from  gas and indigestion.

9. Allievate sore muscles. Massage onto sore muscles and pain melts away. 

10. You can flavor food with peppermint essential oils. Brownies, candy or ice cream.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? It truly is! 

Are you interested in learning more about oils? Make sure to come back next Tuesday when I talk about the uses for lavender. Ready to take the plunge into oils, and change your life and plunge into essential oils? You can purchase your kit here and if you want to make this your home business, my team great support and amazing leaders. 

Do you use peppermint oil? What's your favorite way to use it? 


Disclosure: The information on this website has not been evaluated or approved by the US FDA. Please be aware that this information is provided to supplement the care provided by your physician. It is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

Monday, August 25, 2014


This is late but it's here. We started our homeschool journey last week. It was a busy week. Lots of adjusting for all of us. Here are our first day of school pictures.

Aubrey is starting 2nd grade. 

Allyson is starting preschool.

Austin wanted to hold a sign too and I had no idea what to put on it. Aubrey suggested Little Brother, perfect!

I can't wait write about our first day of school, lots of adjusting for us all, but it's going to be a wonderful year, I just know it!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It's the Little Things: Aubrey's Almost Sleepover

We celebrated Aubrey's birthday on a Wednesday and then had her friends over Friday night for an Almost Sleepover! What's an almost sleep over? We do all the fun sleepover stuff except kids go home at bedtime, perfect for our first friend party!

Aubrey had her friends come over in their pjs for pizza dinner.

Allyson was so excited to with all the big girls. They all loved playing with Allyson too.

After pizza they got crafty and decorated bags. I passed out the bags and markers and it got so quiet, it was crazy. They were all coloring and totally into their craft.
party45 Party3333 IMG_1188

We played a few games like Simon says which was hilarious!

and of course Freeze Dance to Frozen.
Auntie Tess is rocking out to Frozen too, such a good sport. Oh, these girls totally did every stomp, flick of the hair and flicking up snowflakes just like Elsa.

We sang happy birthday to Aubrey then made sundaes and ate popcorn.
IceCream Allyson11

Aubrey opened gifts
Presents Bags2

Such a great time celebrating my biggest girl, I can't believe she's SEVEN!!!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Essential Oils, what?


If we are friends on Facebook, there's a good chance you've seen my posts about oils and how amazing they are.

If you haven't seen my posts or heard about how awesome these oils are, then what if I told you that you could..

...get rid of your headaches quickly with just a drop of oil on your temple and back of your neck.

...cut down on your sick time by rubbing oil on the bottom of your feet.

...reduce stress and anxiety with a swipe of oils.

...sleep deeper and more peaceful

...get that extra boost of energy that you need

...ditch over the counter medicines for allergies and you essential oils

Well, with these essential oils from Young Living you can!  I've done these things and more with essential oils. My husband was the biggest skeptic, but after a swipe of peppermint on his head for a headache and some an oil blend diffusing at night to help with sleep

There are a bunch of essential oil companies out there, it can be overwhelming. We chose to go with Young Living Essential Oils. We chose to go with them because of their Seed to Seal Guarantee and the promise to families. Quality is important to them. They will hold off on the distillation process until they have quality product. That's such a comfort to me because not only do I use these oils on myself, I use them on my children. 

I wanted to share how I got started on this oily journey. Well, Austin was a less than stellar sleeper. I was desperate for uninterrupted sleep. I heard that lavender could help calm babies down and help sleep better. I was all in. I tried baby lotion with the lavender in, and I didn't notice a difference. A friend had mentioned using Lavender Essentials oil on him, I was down to try. Luckily my sister Tess had a bottle from her yoga days. So you  can bet I slathered that on that boy. There was definitely a difference in his sleep patterns the nights that I was putting it on him and the nights that we didn't use it. Then that same bottle of lavender helped me with a lice situation, gross I know. A few drops of Mel-A and lavender in their shampoo and in a spray, bam, gone, free of the pesticides treatment that they sell in the stores. I was sold on how amazing these oils are! Contacted my friend, Heather and purchased my starter kit. No regrets.

So what's in the starter kit
-You get 10 essential everyday oils. 5ml bottles of Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon, Joy, Thieves, Purification, Frankincense, Peace & Calming, Valor, and Panaway. 
-5ml Stress Away with roller fitment
-Home Diffuser
Are you ready to begin your oil journey today? I recommend starting with the Starter Kit, it really is the best value. The kits retail overs $300, but as a whole sale member you will get this at 50% discount. It's going to change your life in a good way, really it will! Another benefit to being a whole sale member is that you are entitled to a 24% discount. There is absolutely no pressure at all to sell Young Living products when you purchase your starter kit. If you want to make this your home business, my group has great support and I would love to have you on my team. 

Not sure about taking the plunge just yet? I wanted to do a weekly blogging series about the oils in the kit. Every Tuesday, I'm going to post about one of the oils in the kit. Feel free to ask questions in the comments or shoot me an email, I'm happy to help!  

Do you have any experience with Essential Oils? What's your favorite?? If not, what would you like oils to do for you? 


Monday, August 18, 2014

Aubrey turns 7 - Part 1

Finally getting around to blog about this girl's SEVENTH birthday. This year was a fun one. We had a family party and then her very first friend "almost sleep over" party.

We celebrated with family on her actual birthday. Decorated the house. The whole nine yards. 


What a great picture of all the cousins together. Most are smiling and ALL of the them are looking with their eyes open, I call that a win! 

Birthday 2

We had pizza for dinner and decided to do the cupcakes right after, so the sugar could wear off quicker.


 We did one of her very favorite things, DANCE PARTY and of course to the Frozen soundtrack. Duh!

Next up, presents!
Katiya picked out this Hello Kitty purse for Aubrey, which she adores.

She got a second loom and also a Monster Tail. Now she can make longer bracelets, fatter bracelets and a lot more charms. Nannie was on vacation in Colorado but made sure Aubrey was set with the new looms and tons of bands.

Another animal for the birthday train from Amma.

These next two gifts are some of her favorite. Her family knows just what she wants.
LEGOS!!! Oh her face when she opened one and then the other was priceless. She wanted to rip those open right then.



Aubrey and Daddy stayed up til about 10 putting them together. She was up bright and early asking to finish. The first few days she didn't play with them much because she didn't want them to break, that changed quickly.  Lots of fun celebrating little miss. Then 2 days later we had a friend party with 8 friends from church and school. I'll be posting those Wednesday!


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Aubrey's first ballet class

Wednesday Aubrey had her very first dance class.


Here's my sweet little ballerina before class.
photo 1

 The classroom that Aubrey is in, is closed off and the parents wait in the main lobby area. They have a window that's about shoulder height so I was able to take a few quick peeks of her.
photo 3

I got to see gems like this. She gave it her all, she would try and try and then just shrug her shoulders and smile at me, like "I'm trying Mom".

 photo 2
About 10 minutes into class, Allyson started freaking out. Threenage attitude at it's worst! So bad that we had to go sit in the car for the rest of the class.

And Austin? He's crying because he thought we were leaving sister, bless his sweet little heart.

photo 1 photo 2

We sat in the car with the music on while I listened to something with earphones on. We spent about 20-25 minutes in the car. They both calmed down and I wanted to go back in and watch the class wrap up.

We walked into the door and that attitude came back. Fell to the floor kicking and screaming. "Pick me up, NOW! I want to see my sister!"

Class was almost over, it's only 45 minutes for goodness sake, but it was the longest 45 minutes of my life! All I could do was laugh because really?

photo 4

Look at that smile!
When I asked how it was, she said it was so much fun! She wishes we could go everyday!

Hearing her say that, made all of the craziness that just happened didn't matter anymore. I would do that all over again for her.

Motherhood, it's so crazy!

 Did you take a dance class? Love it or hate it?

Saturday, August 16, 2014


 Aubrey: "Mom, take a picture of me throwing stuff!!"

Allyson: She saw me stand on the sand box to take a picture, ever since then, the sandbox has become the new place to balance. Balancing is serious business!

Austin: Watering the flowers is his new way to help momma out. Maybe he'll have green thumb, unlike his mama.

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."