Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The little girl who isn't so little anymore

I really don't know when it exactly happened but my baby girl isn't so baby. 

Last night she asked to make herself and peanut butter sandwich. An Allyson Favorite! 

She grabbed the peanut butter and bread and got started. She did sneak in a bite of peanut butter while I was grabbing my camera. 

She did a wonderful job, I was actually impressed. She didn't make much of a mess and even helped clean up. It's bittersweet, watching her grow more independent but that means she's needing me less often. 

My little peanut isn't so little anymore. 



  1. Oh I can totally relate to this! Wahhhhh!

  2. So sweet! And such a good mama for letting her do it on her own.

  3. Why are they growing up on us?! Then again, before we know it, they will be able to do REAL, helpful chores. Now that will be nice.


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