Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Jake & Spidey

This boy is such a fun addition to our family! He is wired so differently than his sisters. He's a different kind of crazy. He will take of running and head straight for the couch, crash right into it and burst into giggles. Then do it again. He like to have lego sword fights with Daddy, build lego towers and loves to take his Jake sword where ever the next adventure brings him.

He's developed a love for Spider Man. How lucky are we do have gotten a pair of light up Spiderman shoes in a bag of hand me downs, it was destiny! It makes his Daddy a little bit sad that he doesn't like Batman, but there's still time for him to come around to that.

When the girls met their favorite, Queen Elsa, Austin got to meet Spiderman. Austin was amazed. Spiderman did some flips and Austin's eye were just glued to him. When we were able to meet him, Austin just kept saying, "Hi, Spiderman. Hi." 

I love being a mom to a little boy!


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  1. love this post about your little man, he is too cute!!


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