Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pulling Teeth

Aubrey's front teeth have been loose since she lost her last tooth in February, yes February.  She's wiggled them but when it comes to getting those out, that's where she runs into trouble. When we ask to wiggle her tooth or even pull it out, she flips out. Melts down, you would think that she has this fear because we ripped her tooth out before {we haven't} or because she's had some trauma to her teeth or something... nope, just your typical run of the mill melt downs from a 6 year old.
Tooth1 Tooth2

One day, as the school year was coming to a close, I asked if I could pull her tooth out, it was just barely hanging on. To my surprise she said yes. I didn't even have to pull very hard at all. Aubrey was in tears and starting to tell me not to pull it, she didn't realize it had already came out. The tears turned into smiles, giggles and skipping around the house. She grabbed a pen and paper and wanted to write the tooth fairy a note.

Dear TOOTH FAIRY, it's ben a long time sens my tooths ben in my mouth hers my tooth.
form aubrey
to Tooth fairy

We tucked her tooth under her pillow and in the morning she was excited to see what the tooth fairy left her. Two sparkly dollars.
Her grown up tooth is already making it's way down. And her bottom teeth, those grown up teeth have already popped up and almost completely in. My little lady is growing up faster than I keep up with.



  1. I love her letter!! And I love the pictures you caught of her. So awesome and SO big!

    You can tell her I was the same way. I left my teeth in until they were practically falling out on their own ;)

  2. Toothless grins are so stinking cute!

  3. Eessshhh all these teeth falling out are making my gums hurt. I love the grins they leave though so, so cute!


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