Sunday, June 15, 2014


Aubrey had her 7th birthday at the beginning of the month. I am working on her birthday post {she had 2 parties, a family party and a friend party} These are from her actual birthday with family.

Austin's was killing the cupcakes and wanted more! 

Aubrey's birthday week was busy but so worth it. She had an Almost Sleepover and it was her first  friend party. So loud but so much fun!



  1. two parties at age 7?! Oh my what a big girl!!! Love those cupcakes - look so yummy :)

  2. I hear you on that. We had our family party on Saturday, Fathers Day yesterday her actual birthday is tomorrow and a sleepover Thursday... WHEW! Did you say and almost sleepover? I may have missed what made it an almost.

  3. Found you on another blog, and stopping by to say hello! Your kids are adorable!


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