Saturday, June 28, 2014


Aubrey & Allyson - They have the best Auntie Tess, she introduced them to Super Mario 3 on the Wii. Oh, what fun they had. Allyson screamed with excitement at every jump. Aubrey was super serious and concentrating on the game and then when she would die, she would laugh.

Austin is such a goofy boy!  He found these glasses and would stick them on his belly and walk with his belly pushed out, all smiles.

We've made it to the half way point! {happy dance} 

I was going to try to pick a favorite of each kiddo and I just can't. Gosh, they are getting so big, right before my eyes. As hard as this season of life is, I know that I'm sure going to miss it but I'm also excited for the adventure and fun ahead! 

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"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week for a year. "


Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's the little things: Knights Ferry

Monday we headed up to Knights Ferry with some girlfriends. I'm not an outdoorsy gal. In the 17 years I've lived here, I've been to Knights Ferry exactly once, so I wasn't too sure what to expect. To my surprise, it was a lot of fun. The kids loved it and all got along wonderfully. It wasn't too hot. Us moms probably enjoyed it as much as or more than the kids. 

She loved to throw rocks in the water. She probably spent the first half hour in this spot, just happily throwing in rocks. 

Austin wasn't a fan. He hung out with my sister for the most part.

There are definitely more trips up there in our future! 


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pulling Teeth

Aubrey's front teeth have been loose since she lost her last tooth in February, yes February.  She's wiggled them but when it comes to getting those out, that's where she runs into trouble. When we ask to wiggle her tooth or even pull it out, she flips out. Melts down, you would think that she has this fear because we ripped her tooth out before {we haven't} or because she's had some trauma to her teeth or something... nope, just your typical run of the mill melt downs from a 6 year old.
Tooth1 Tooth2

One day, as the school year was coming to a close, I asked if I could pull her tooth out, it was just barely hanging on. To my surprise she said yes. I didn't even have to pull very hard at all. Aubrey was in tears and starting to tell me not to pull it, she didn't realize it had already came out. The tears turned into smiles, giggles and skipping around the house. She grabbed a pen and paper and wanted to write the tooth fairy a note.

Dear TOOTH FAIRY, it's ben a long time sens my tooths ben in my mouth hers my tooth.
form aubrey
to Tooth fairy

We tucked her tooth under her pillow and in the morning she was excited to see what the tooth fairy left her. Two sparkly dollars.
Her grown up tooth is already making it's way down. And her bottom teeth, those grown up teeth have already popped up and almost completely in. My little lady is growing up faster than I keep up with.



Yesterday was the first official day of summer. We played outside for most of the afternoon. I love the age that the kids are at now. We go outside they play and I can read a book or do some yard work, they don't need that constant supervision.

Yesterday was filled with lots of bubbles

splashing in the kiddie pool

and of course snacks!!

The only that would have completed the day would have been ice cream.



Saturday, June 21, 2014


Aubrey: Her last night as a six year old.  

 Allyson: Building Legos with Daddy

Austin: He's loves laying on Auntie Kaylee's bed. 


Fashionably late five

Hey guys! I had trouble uploading my iPhone pics via the blogger app I tried all day and it kept saying there was a connection error but would let me upload text. So frustrating! As I was heading to bed, I thought duh I could do it via email. So here I am, late to give you my Friday Five. Oh well, better late then never. Let's get started. 

The girls went to VBS this week. It was Allyson's first time going.The theme was Adventure on the Sea, or Pirate theme as Aubrey said. Each day was a different color dress up. 

Monday - Red 

Tuesday - Blue 

Wednesday - Green

Thursday - Orange also water day which they both loved! 

Friday - Dress like a Pirate day. Here are my two little Izzy's 

{two} While the girls were at VBS, I enjoyed some one on one time with my littlest guy. He cried like crazy when we dropped Allyson off. He didn't understand why he couldn't stay with her.

Look at that sad face, tears and all!!

We went home and changed him out of his jammies and ran some errands. We went walked up to the ATM instead of going through the drive through and oh my gosh, you would have thought he won the lottery. He had so much fun just standing there.
 We also had a little Starbucks date, chocolate milk with whip cream for him, a carmel frap for me and some yummy vanilla scones to share.
We had lots of fun together this week.

Austin has started to show some real interest in the potty. He's been waking up in the morning with dry diapers. He tells me when he goes and wants to be changed immediately. So we are trying out just like pre-potty training, getting him used to being on the potty and stuff. I'm kinda nervous to potty train a boy. Any advice or tips?

 I am working on replacing the elastic in our Bumgenius diapers. I have had a killer headache that won't go away so I haven't finished yet but the ones I have done, fit Austin so nicely! I did take pictures of the process and will be sharing soon!


I bought new pens for my planner, and I love them! It's the little things in life.

Happy Saturday! 


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Father's Day 2014

We had a nice low key Father's Day. We made Daddy one of his favorites, french toast. We surprised him with Starbucks. The girls filled out one of those Father's Day survey's, those cracked us up. Allyson said that Daddy always tells me "to drive"

Aubrey's was full of just sweetness. How much her daddy cares for her.

We gave Conrad his gifts, new sandals and a LeBron James shirt. Allyson is at that age where she will ruin the surprise. Daddy we went to the mall and bought you new shoes!! Meanwhile, Aubrey and I are like ... uh... no we didn't ::guilty looks::

We had Chipotle for a late lunch / early dinner. It was sooooo good. The only thing that would have made Sunday better, is if the Heat wouldn't have lost to the Spurs, I guess you can't win 'em all.

I wanted to look back at Father's Days past, but I couldn't find a post from last year, but here's the picture. Look at how much Austin has changed! He looks like such a baby, and those curls... and Aubrey looks so much more grown up!

If you want to go back a few more years, 2012  2011 2010, excuse me while I go cry about my babies growing up!


Sunday, June 15, 2014


Aubrey had her 7th birthday at the beginning of the month. I am working on her birthday post {she had 2 parties, a family party and a friend party} These are from her actual birthday with family.

Austin's was killing the cupcakes and wanted more! 

Aubrey's birthday week was busy but so worth it. She had an Almost Sleepover and it was her first  friend party. So loud but so much fun!


22/52 - Catching up!

We kicked summer off right, with some Fro-yo!


Thursday, June 12, 2014

I'm back with a giveaway

Hey friends, I'm back!!! I didn't plan to take a break from blogging. Conrad has been recovering from his surgery and we started watching Scandal on Netflix {go watch it if you haven't!}then OITNB came out and we'll I've been glued to the TV when I wasn't doing Mom stuff. So I'm back and will be playing catch up. I have 2 weeks of pictures to post and my girl turned 7 and we had an Almost Sleepover for her, lots of fun.

I teamed up with Courtney from A+ Life, to do a giveaway to the happiest place on earth.


Happy Thursday!

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