Monday, May 26, 2014

Wrapping up First Grade

I can't believe the school year is over. First grade is in the books!

This year went by much faster than kindergarten. I blinked and it was Christmas break, blinked again and we were are heading to Aubrey's Open House and getting a ton of her work to take home and the school year has came to an end. That saying keeps coming back to me, "the days are long but the years are short."

Get ready for a picture overload.

Aubrey was very excited to show us around her class and all that she's worked on throughout the year.

She read us her essay on butterflies.

She was eager to show us her freshly cleaned out desk. She has quite the bow collection going on in her desk.


We headed over to the computers and she showed us some stuff that she has done on the computer. Watching her sit there and use the computer, click on things and type her name, it's just crazy. She can use a computer.

The gum balls are all of her 100% on her timed tests. The stickers in the treasure chests are her Accelerated Reading tests that she passed. She made it into both the Reading and Math Club this year.
IMG_0084    IMG_0085

She read us a few books.





She was so very excited to show Allyson and I the playground. She is a pro on the monkey bars.



It was a fun evening at the school. Conrad had just came home from the hospital. Tess stayed home with Austin. It was a nice little break in the craziness that had just been going on.

First grade has been great. Aubrey had an amazing teacher. He did a great job of challenging and encouraging her. She has become quite the little reader. Her math skills are amazing. I'm impressed with the student she has become.

Thursday was Aubrey's last day of school!

Last Day 2 LastDay LastDay3
Last morning drop off!

First and last day comparison

Summer Vacation!!!!  

We are looking forward to swim lessons, park days, sleeping in and all the other fun summer activities!

I hope you have a great Memorial Day!



  1. Yay, great pictures. I know exactly what you mean about the blinking... must, stop, BLINKING! Enjoy your first official week of summer fun!

  2. Look at those missing teeth!!! I love it! And a concentrating Aubrey at the computer, oh my! So much fun. I love that you included all the kids in one of the pictures, because it is fun to watch them all grow together in pictures as time goes on.

  3. This is awesome!! What a big year for Aubrey!


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