Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Things Allyson said {2}


Red means stop
Green means go!
Yellow means ... go faster!

Brother, you are not a baby, stop crying!

Daddy, do you wear underwear?

Allyson: Mommy, what are we doing today?
Me: We are going to run some errands.
A: We are going to TARGET?!?!
M:No, not today sis.
A: I really want to go to Target, I miss it.
later we were driving
Allyson: I want a donut!
Me: Oh yea? Where should we go to get a donut?
A: I don't know what it's called.
M: The donut shoppe?
A: Hmmm, how about Target? Does Target have donuts??

Mommy, I wish we could buy a yo-yo.

Daddy, do you walk to work?

::Allyson crying::
Me: what's the matter?
Allyson: I just want to cry!

Does my sandwich have sand in it?

Mommy, brother hit me twelve times!
(I watched this go down. She hit him and he hit her back, once.)

Mom, is Target Disneyland?



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