Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It's the little things: An Evening Walk

The kids really love being outside. A few days ago, I had a crazy thought to take all three kids out and their bikes. Sounds like fun right? Then I thought, hey, I should teach Aubrey how to ride without her training wheels. Thankfully my Mom heard what I proposed and offered to come on the walk too.


He loved coasting down the driveway on his Harley

She is a pro on her scooter!


Aubrey was so nervous riding. She would freak out when we tried to let go or even if she thought we were going too. She would hit the brakes, or just jump right off. I think she can do it, just needs a little bit more practice and gain that extra little bit of confidence she needs. It's going to be soon.

She ditched her scooter and had more fun running with her shoes that made her run super fast!

Austin was your typical little boy, picking up rocks, running and just having a blast!

{Aubrey has two bikes. We decided the smaller bike was easier for her}
I'm really looking forward to taking more walks these guys and hopefully soon, Daddy will be up and be able to walk with us!

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Happy Wednesday!!


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  1. So cute. And good job beginning to teach Aubrey how to ride. We have begun to teach Nixon and I was surprised at how hard it was for me to just hold him up... haha.


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