Friday, May 2, 2014

Five on Friday!

Hey friends, what a week it's been!!  I turned thirty on Sunday and my first week in my thirties has been a whirlwind. Let's get started.


Conrad has been having back pain for about the last year. He had a herniated disk that was pressing on a nerve and causing pain in his back and also numbness in his right leg. The numbness/tingling in his leg was getting worse. We actually had an appointment to see the neurosurgeon, but it wasn't until May 18, and they couldn't get him in sooner.  It was getting so bad they said, to go to ER and there is a neurosurgeon PA who can check him out and get back to the DR. Monday morning that's what Conrad did. The PA evaluated him and looked over his MRI, she noticed some real weakness in his leg and after talking with the doctor, they decided Conrad was going to have surgery ... tomorrow.

Cue all kinds of crazy feelings.

Tuesday he had Microdiskectomy surgery. It went great. 

While Conrad rested, I started a new book and was able to read so much without being interrupted.


Also on Tuesday, Aubrey got to go to a Modesto Nuts baseball game with my mom. She's still talking about it! She was so excited that she got to see the Giants play. Come to find out, the Nuts played against the San Jose Giants {which is the farm team to the San Francisco Giants} Ha!

Wednesday Conrad came home from the hospital. The kids were so excited to see Daddy!

We had to do some sleeping rearrangements to get Austin out of our room that way Conrad could watch TV and rest comfortably in the room while our waking up Austin in the middle of the night. Ally was put into Aubrey's room and oh boy did they love it. They been giggling, laughing and just having the best time at night. Last night it about 10pm because Allyson was quiet. 

Also since we've been home I have not been able to pick up the book mentioned above.

Last night was Aubrey's Open House. She had a great time showing Allyson and I around her classroom. Showing us all she's accomplished throughout the year. I'm proud of this little lady!

{five} I feel like I've been pulled, stretched, needed all week, I'm just ready for a Target trip by myself. Enjoying something from Starbucks while I was there would be nice too!

Do you have anything planned for weekend?? 
Happy Friday! 


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  1. Um, a big ol amen to #5!

    How have you liked the Duggar book so far? You know I adore them!


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