Thursday, May 1, 2014

Beach Trip

Last week was Aubrey's spring break and what's Spring Break without a beach trip?! We packed up and headed to the coast! My mom, Tess and her friend came along too. It was a full van load.

It was only about a 2 1/2 hour drive but it took us 4 hours to get there. YES, FOUR. 1 trip to Walmart for a pair of flip flops for someone that forgot to bring shoes. Who was that? Um, my MOM! She had her socks on because he feet were cold and she would just put her sandal on in the car. Guess who never put her sandals in the van. Yep, so we made a pit stop at Walmart. 3 potty breaks and on the last one we figured might as well have lunch too.

We finally made it!

Austin and Allyson got there shovels and pails and promptly began digging. Much different from the last trip, where that sat on the blanket and would dig in the sand.
IMG_9764 IMG_9765   IMG_9773
Allyson was determined to make a sandcastle.

Aubrey headed straight for the water. No worries, mom and Tess were close by.


Allyson absolutely loved the water. She loved having the waves wash over her feet. She would laugh and squeal with excitement. We would spend some time down at the water until she her little teeth began to chatter, that water is cold! We'd head back up to warm up in the towel and stick our feet in the warm sand.

Aubrey thought it was great to be buried in the sand.

Lots of snacking, digging, and sea shell searching. Watching the kites. Dipping our feet in the freezing water. Allyson loved

Aubrey cracked me up. She would go to the waters edge and just dance around, run to the water and run away from the waves coming up. Oh, to be six years old again.
IMG_9882 IMG_9881

The wind started to pick up and get a bit chilly. We took one last picture and made the long journey back home, complete with tons of potty break and Chipotle for dinner.
Once we finally made it to the beach, it was a pretty relaxing day. I absolutely enjoyed it! We can't wait to go back!!

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