Saturday, May 24, 2014


Aubrey: Cute little tiger from her new legos set

Allyson got her first big girl lego set. She is beyond excited. She asks Aubrey everyday if they want to play Legos together, it's so sweet.

I put Austin in some underwear because I didn't have any diapers clean. He thought it was the so neat until he peed. Oh, the tears! He did enjoy some puzzle time in his cute undies. Funny story, these used to be Allyson's. When she saw him, she said "Hey! Bubbas is wearin' my unda-wear!"

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday! Any Memorial Day plans? 



  1. Does your daughter love her new "big girl" lego set? My 6 year old has been asking me everyday for a new Rapunzel Lego Set.... I haven't really checked them out, but they seem fun.

  2. Aren't little boys in their chonies just so stinking cute?! And yea for Ally getting her first set of big girl legos! And so it begins!


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