Saturday, May 17, 2014


I'm pretty sure this is a glimpse into my future, which is pretty scary. She's talking on the iPhone, telling someone that she's at the airport and needs to be picked up, NOW! What you can't see is the cowgirl boots, bracelets, watch and her bags that she is taking to school with all of the things you need for college.

Allyson: Upset that her minion bow fell out of her hair. END OF THE WORLD. I think also a glimpse into my future. Over hair drama with teen girls.

Austin- This little fella loves making his cars go vroom!

Do you have anything planned this weekend? Today I'm guest posting over at A+ Life, go check it out!

Happy Saturday!



  1. Girls as teenagers SCARE me! I remember what I was like and fear Isla becoming a teenager. At least I get to watch you go through it first ;)

    Congrats on the guest post! And how fun that you met Courtney on a forum and became friends.

  2. I wanted to stop in and say hello. I read your guest post and decided to hop on over and check it out. I look forward to getting to know you better.

  3. Love the moments you captured. Of course your daughter needs to use the Iphone and have all her accessories in hand too, right?! My 1st grader had a melt down before bed last night, I was SO thankful she finally fell asleep, lol. Oh the drama of having a girl :)


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