Monday, April 21, 2014

What to pack for the day with a 2 & 3 year old

Diaper Bag 
I feel like I've been carrying a bag around forever. Umm, because I have. Since Allyson has been potty trained she really didn't need a diaper bag anymore. Austin got bigger and I felt like I didn't need all of that room my diaper bag had. 

I ordered this adorable Skip Hop backpacks. A ladybug for Allyson and a cute dino for Austin. 

Allyson's backpack is most just whatever treasure or book she wants to take around that day. We used to keep an extra set of clothes in there in case of accidents, now that's kept in my van. 

Her water bottle, a teacup, barbie shoe, Sophie, and a wise man, duh! 

There's a bit more in Austin's. 
It's a lot of the same stuff as before. The diapers, cloth wipes, wetbag and some diaper spray. All the cloth diaper necessities.

The toys just kind of depend on what he's into. He loves this book and some little cars are always great to have handy. 

Water and Snacks, because how else do you keep kids quiet while running errands?? The key to his heart is food. 

Wet Ones because I hate when the places don't have the cart wipes. That sounds a bit snobby, doesn't it? But seriously, it'll bug me my whole trip and well that's just not fun. So I've learned to just bring my own or stick to Target. 

Boogie Wipes

Hand sanitizer because clearly I'm crazy when it comes to that. 

Their bags mostly stay in the car. I'll take the wet-bag if needed and replace with new diapers and wipes.  The snacks get replaced often. The kids enjoying wearing their backpack like Aubrey has for school. It's convenient now to have 2 different bags for church. Allyson's papers and crafts get put in her backpack and we don't have to try to carry those while juggling the kids. Austin's coloring page will be kept in his bag. It's super convenient and this system seems to be working for us.

Here's what I was carrying around last year.  

What do you carry around for your 2 or 3 year old? Do you still carry a bag for them?

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  1. I have a really big purse/bag that I carry. It's mostly my stuff but my daughter is turning 2 next week so still diapers, snacks, books, iphone and a few other keep her happy items depending on what we're doing. I just ordered her a toddler sophia back pack (mostly bc my daughter loves sophia) and have been thinking of letting her carry her own stuff on certain trips! This is a great post to get me thinking about what I should put in her bag :)


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