Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Root, root, root for the Giants!

Last Tuesday the 8th was the Giants Opening Day. The kids were so excited to wear their new shirts. Austin got his First Giants jersey and it matches Conrad's jersey.

 How sweet is this? Matching Father and Son.


Aubrey was really excited to wear her gear to school. She even made a few Giants bracelets for us. She added some pink to mine because "I knew you would just love it!" 

It's been real fun sitting with the kids and watching baseball. I feel so American. :) Hopefully we will be able to take Aubrey to her first game this year.

Linking up with Kelly from Modern Camelot for Trendy Tot Tuesday.

Who is your favorite baseball team? Have you taken your little one to a game yet? Any advice for me? 


  1. So cute, I have a few Giant's gear on the list I need for my kids. Eisley has an awesome Giants bow, but no shirt or anything. Ha... oh well.

    Your family is precious, next time let's see you in your gear too! ;)

  2. I am still so in love with that picture of Conrad and Austin. It is such a good one. And I love that you accessorized both girls with orange bows. Way to go mama!


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