Thursday, April 10, 2014


One of my favorite things about being a mom, is that I get to relive some memories from my childhood.  I remember splashing in puddles, playing with my umbrella, loving the smell of rain and just having a grand time outdoors. 


Now, at almost 30, I get to relive those days and the fun. 
A few weeks back,  it started to sprinkle and Allyson came running into the kitchen and asked to go play in the puddles. I was doing something, I think it was unloading the dishwasher. Part of me wanted to say No, not right now. Mommy is emptying the dishwasher. But something inside of me knew I needed to say yes to this special moment. 

We spent about 45 minutes walking around our neighborhood through the puddles in the gutter. 
I let go of unloading the dishwasher. Let go of worrying about the nastiness in the gutter. I enjoyed those moments with the kids. I was able to just have fun and be in the moment with them. 

We took turns following each other through the puddles. 

Austin even fell into a puddle and he just laughed. 

There was just something so refreshing and so wonderful about being out in the rain with them. 
I enjoyed my children. I said yes to them and it was amazing. 


It's supposed to be crazy warm hot this week. I hope we have some more April showers before summer comes. 



  1. They look so happy splashing in the water! I should be a bit more relaxed and let A do this more often :)

  2. I love this (and your new blog name!). I always find saying yes ends up being so great...and playing in the rain is just my thing ;)


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