Monday, April 7, 2014

Rainbow Loom

About a week ago, Aubrey brought home a little bracelet a friend made out of little rubber bands. It was pretty neat. She said her friend made it for her {awww!!!} and sometimes at recess they will make them.  She came home from school on Wenesday and pulled one apart and was telling me how they did it. 


It was actually pretty neat, she twisted and pulled them over her fingers and then boom, a little bracelet. She was trying to tell me about the other ways her friend was making them. We looked on YouTube and saw that you use this loom and you can create a ton of different patterns. 

On Saturday we had an amazing day out as a family. We picked up some super fun Giants gear for the family, I'm hoping to post about that later in the week. After that we made a stop at Target and let her chose something a new toy. She picked a loom over Legos, we couldn't believe it either! 

My heart is so happy that she's at the age that she can actually do this kind of stuff! Yay for craftiness!! 
Saturday afternoon I had a pretty bad headache so I took a nap in hopes it would help the headache go away. It did. 

When I woke up, my sweet husband was at the table helping Aubrey with a crazy bracelet. Such a good daddy!! 

IMG_9049 IMG_9050 

Ta-da! Aubrey made the pink, orange and white bracelet. That's her Giants bracelet. She didn't have black so she "made it girly". The rainbow bracelet is the one Conrad made. Conrad has mad bracelet making skills! 


I can't wait to have some crafty time with this little lady. Oh, and she made me a special little pink bracelet. 

My heart is so full! 

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  1. Those are cute bracelets! I remember making bracelets made of string when I was her age.


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