Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hand-me downs

I love hand me downs for the kids. It's so nice to go into the closet and be able to grab a box of clothes. New wardrobe for free! Makes this mama very happy.

The weather is heating up and and I pulled out out a box of 3T/4T box of summer stuff for Allyson. Inside were lots of goodies, a dress Aubrey wore on her 3rd birthday, an Easter dress and lots of others. I feel like it was just yesterday I was pulling these things from Aubrey's closet and here I was pulling them for Allyson.

Allyson was so excited to wear this heart dress. This is the dress Aubrey wore on her 3rd birthday... before Allyson was born!! Crazy to think of a time when Aubrey was the only child.


Of course I had to go and find a picture to compare them. The girls thought it was so fun to see each picture. Look how little Aubrey is! Just a little 3 year old!


These kids growing like weeds, it's just too fast for this mama!

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  1. Oh the cute! Aubrey looks more like you and Ally looks more like Conrad.. I think :)


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