Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Recap

Happy Tuesday! Have you recovered from your children's sugar highs yet? I think all of our candy is gone, thankful.

Let's do a little recap of our Easter celebrations.

Friday my kids visited the Easter bunny. Austin got into the chocolate can you tell? Both Allyson and Austin walked right up to the Easter bunny, no tears, no fears. I was shocked!


Saturday was a busy day. I had my niece over for the day. Let me tell you. I thought that having four kids wasn't going to be a big deal, what's one more? Oh.my.gosh! It was craziness. The noise level was crazy. Oh but they had so much fun! We had a birthday party that day, we braved Winco the day before Easter, watched Frozen Dyed eggs and I even bathed all four of them. Tiring but successful day!

They really liked coloring a secret picture on the egg and then seeing it appear after they dye it. It was like magic!
IMG_9422 IMG_9423 IMG_9432

Egg Dying Collage
 and I made our own egg dye this year. Holy moly it was easy. Some warm water, a Tablespoon of white vinegar and some drops of food coloring. The kids all thought it was the greatest to make the water darker and I swear the eggs turned out amazing.

Sunday was here, this was the day we have been waiting for, He has RISEN!

I made breakfast and we were dressed and ready for church, 10 minutes earlier than usual. It was an Easter miracle!

Church was great. The kids all had a great time. The service on Sunday was full, and we went to the 9am service. I was surprised but it's a good surprise to see so many there so early.

After church, we attempted a family picture. Allyson refused to even look at the camera, typical. Austin just wanted to get down and look for eggs.

We hid eggs in the backyard and the kids had fun finding the eggs. Austin quickly realized that some eggs had some M&Ms in them and other didn't. He would find an egg, shake it and toss it if he didn't hear anything. Smart kid!


IMG_9618 IMG_9574
Yep, he's picking his nose.

IMG_9603 IMG_9554

After watching a few egg hunts inside and out. A melt down from Allyson and a quick car nap for Austin, we were off to Conrad's moms house for dinner.

There I was able to get a decent pic of the kids.
The food was so yummy, like it always it. We had a great time watching the kids run, fight, cry, play together, do an egg hunts and just have this time with family.

I finally got a nice family picture

How was your Easter weekend? 

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  1. Your face in the first family picture made me lol. It's all, "oh heck no my children are being crazy."

    We went to the 9am at my parents church and it was packed as well! That's a good thing though :)

    Austin shaking the eggs! I love it. Clever kiddo.

    And yes! That last picture is wonderful!! Looks like such an amazing Easter for such a beautiful family :)


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