Tuesday, March 25, 2014

St Patrick's Day & Frozen

I'm playing catch up this week, can you tell? Last week was crazy. The transmission in my is going out, so off to the shop it had to go over the weekend. I was without my car last week and this week. It's wasn't too bad. I was able to drive the 4Runner around for a few days. It isn't too bad there is just no room for car seats and people. Aubrey was thrilled that she was able to sit in the front seat because there is no room in the back and there isn't an airbag on the passenger side. She has been loving that. 

I've been doing party stuff and cleaning getting ready for Austin's party last Saturday. I can't believe my youngest is two years old. Time flies! 

Last Monday was St. Patrick's Day. A silly little leprechaun visited our house and turned our milk green. Aubrey and Ally talked about that for days. 

After our walk home from school we headed to the back yard and took some pictures. 


I was able to get a pretty precious picture of Allyson. She's looking and smiling at the camera.  I think she looks like her Daddy here.

And Tuesday was Black Friday at the Disney Store. OH man! I went to pick up Frozen from the Disney Store that we {thankfully} reserved. We went to have Austin's pictures taken then headed over to Disney Store. There was the longest line to pick up. Totally worth every minute. Aubrey was thrilled when she came home from school.

IMG_8144 IMG_8153 IMG_8151 
The kids loved it. The girls had seen it in theaters. I was actually surprised that Allyson and Austin sat and watched the whole thing. The girls have been acting out scenes from the movie which is just darling to watch. Allyson knows all of the words to the songs and most of the movie. Aubrey does too. She even corrects us if we miss a word, sheesh. 


  1. Are the girls wearing matching outfits?! I love it!!!

  2. You are such a fun mom, going to the disney store in the midst of the crazy for your kiddos! Aubrey's expression has so much excitement and joy in it!


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