Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So what Wednesday

Life After I Dew

This week I'm saying so what if ..

I'm seriously not looking forward to turning 30 next month. I know it's not a big deal, but I still don't want to be thirty!

I'm not ready for summer. I know the rest of the country is in the never ending winter but I wish we had that here! I'm not ready for it to be hot yet. {It was 82 on Monday}

We still have decorations up from Austin's party on Saturday. His banner and the little signs are too cute to take down.

I'm looking forward to my dr appointment so I can have some time to myself.

I'm in denial about being old. My little sister went on her first driving lesson tonight. My sweet little sister that was a little angel for Halloween and I remember taking her trick or treating ... is out driving on the road. She can't be older enough to drive. Cue tears! I am pretty excited for her too.

I'm over most TV shows. I don't really have anything I need to watch. Which is kind of a bummer because Conrad really likes TV and movies and I don't. I just can't sit there and watch. I'd rather do 10 other things.

what are you saying So what to today?!

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