Wednesday, March 12, 2014

So What Wednesday

Life After I Dew

It's Wednesday! It's been a while since I've shared some randoms with y'all, so here we go

 this week I'm saying so what ... 

... if I found a video we borrowed from the library over the summer and I'm deathly afraid of hearing about what my late fees are. 

... if this time change is really killing me, not the kids. Seriously, I can't seem to drag my butt out of bed before 8am. Aubrey is usually up and then it's a mad dash to get her to school on time. I just keep hitting that snooze button! 

... if I've worked out twice this weekend with friends and I hopped on the scale and seriously expected to see a smaller number {I didn't} but my arms and legs are insanely sore. 

... if my car is ridiciously dirty, inside and out. It's gross. I'm surprised someone hasn't written wash me on it.

... I'm over food. Planning it, cooking it, and eating. blah, I'm just in a rut. 

... this last week I haven't really felt like folding the laundry. Clean diaper laundry sits in a basket and I'm grabbing and stuffing as needed. Our clothes either sit in the dryer {that I keep restarting} or in a basket in our room. I don't know what the heck my problem is. I blame the time change! 

... if I had more fun playing with the chalk yesterday than the kids did and we went back out and colored some more after Aubrey was out of school. 

... if I unfriended a bunch of people I really don't talk to anymore, you know except for on their birthdays. {thanks for the reminder FB} 

... if I'm seriously considering napping after picking up Aubrey today before all the craziness of the evening, with dinner,  AWANAs and baths and bedtimes all in a 2 hour period. Ugh, just typing all that makes me want to go nap right now. 

so what if that was lame. HA! 

What are you saying "So what to" today?? 

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  1. I love this idea! I too would be afraid of the fees from the video. You could just return it, then never use that kid's library account again! And, I haven't properly stuffed and put away Isla's clean diapers in at least a month. I somehow lost motivation to do so. But since I'm still using them, I don't care.

    1. It's a fun idea. I linked up with Life after I Dew {the picture links to it but I realized I didn't mention that} You should totally do it. I'd love to hear what Jessica is saying so what to. Yea we just went and turned it in. I can't believe it still!

  2. The car and the laundry. yes yes yes. Solidarity sister!

    1. HAHA, I caved and cleaned the inside of my car. I need to just take the car to a carwash but I'm scared for the little ones to flip out in there with everything.


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