Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Nights like tonight are tough around the Paulsen house, tough for mama.
Wednesday is AWANAs for Aubrey. It means dinner needs to be on the table by 5:00pm. Needs to be something easy and that they will eat without too much complaining. It's rushing to get all three kids to eat. Helping Aubrey get ready again, because "I already got ready this morning for school". Wednesday nights I have to make sure Austin doesn't fall on the way to or from church. We drop Aubrey off and head back home. Daddy is home. We do a quick bath for the little ones. It's usually 7:15 and I start bedtime routine and hope that they go down quickly. Then Daddy finishes and I head back to pick up Aubrey. Pick up Aubrey. Get her home and get her in the shower and ready for bed. She always pulls the yawn, I'm too tired to walk to the bathroom/shower/brush my teeth please carry me there *yawn* 

But it is absolutely worth every busy, rushed second. It's the busiest 90 minutes of my week but it is totally worth all the chaos. 

Aubrey absolutely loves it. So much. She looks forward to seeing her friends, playing, and group time. She gets to say her verses that she's worked so hard on memorizing over the week. Going and picking out something from the store with her bible bucks she's earned. The car ride home is always so fun. She never talks this much after school and to get to hear her without Allyson and Austin screaming, it's really just a special time. Some Wednesdays we stop at get a treat. 

This all makes my heart so very happy. Helping her tuck those verses in her heart. Seeing her love for Jesus grow. Just seeing her grow, it's absolutely amazing. 

As much as I dread dinner and the rush in the evening, after the storm settles, I get to spend some time with this little girl. 
Tonight was a special night. She finished her first Sparks book and is now on her second. I'm proud of all of her hard work. 

That smile up there makes all of hard work worth it. 

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