Sunday, March 9, 2014

My favorite day

I am just loving Sundays. I love spending them with family. I can't believe it wasn't that long ago that Conrad had to work on Sundays and I was taking Aubrey to church by myself. I'm so thankful his current work situation.

I really enjoy going to church. I love our church. Aubrey loves the children's program there. Allyson actually goes to her class with no tears or fighting and Austin, well he's definitely improving. I love worshipping our Jesus, and hearing the message. 

Seeing my girls come home and talk about what happen and the bible stories they learned, the games they played, and of course what they had for snack! :) 
We come home have lunch and then it's just a pretty relaxing afternoon. 

Conrad and I have discussed starting to have a family meeting on Sundays. Give Aubrey her allowance. Take a moment to have each person in our family to give everyone a praise/compliment. The goal is to have create family unity, work on communication and of course eat some yummy snacks after. I'm really looking forward to this. We should be starting this next week, I can't wait to let you know how it all goes. 

I hope y'all had a happy Sunday with your family! Did you guys do anything fun this weekend? 


  1. I remember when my husband was working odd hours and couldn't come to church, and how wonderful it was when he could come with us again, its so nice for the whole family to be able to grow in their walk with God at the same time, discuss teachings and bond over the most important thing in the universe!

    1. God is so good and faithful, isn't he? I'm so glad for you that he is able to go with you guys again. It seriously is so nice to be at church together, be united and being that example for our children.


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