Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Last night of One

IMG_8212 IMG_8203 IMG_8220
This boy, he's such a goof ball!!  Yes, those are chocolate sprinkles he just would not put down.

Friday night was his last night as a one year old. He's still rocked to sleep but I wanted to capture his last few minutes as a one year old little baby. My baby boy. He's still doing a great job in the toddler bed. He loves it. He takes the craziest things to bed. Tonight it was chocolate sprinkles, it's been a book, a bouncy ball but most nights it's a hot wheels car. He will hold on to it while I rock him and I know he's really asleep when the prized item gently falls from his hand.

I said "Your birthday is tomorrow."
With a sly little smile he said "No, yours!"
"No, it's Austin's."
A bigger smile, "No, Sisters!"
"No bud, it's yours."
then we started with No, you! No, you! Little guy likes to argue.

A few minutes later, I put the camera away, picked up my little baby and sat in bed and rocked him to sleep for the very last time as a one year old.

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  1. The words, the pictures, just all of it, so beautiful and so hard as well. I struggle with Isla getting older, as the (current) baby of our family. Rock that little man for as long as he will let you!


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