Monday, March 10, 2014

Austin's big boy bed

So just a warning there a ton of pictures 

When Austin was a teeny tiny baby we brought him home and knew he would be sleeping in our room near us in the Pack N Play. Allyson was still in the crib and our plan was to move Allyson and Aubrey into one room and then use the crib for Austin and we would have his own room once we were ready for him to transition. 

Our circumstances had changed and now we have my Mom and Sisters living with us. It's seriously been amazing. My kids have grown up knowing and loving on my mom and sisters. They've been there  to help out. Well the room situation has changed and Austin is still in our room.



Well this little guy has been out growing his current sleeping bed. I'll admit I was pretty nervous about him going into a toddler bed. 

Off to Target we went to get him a mattress and let him pick out a bedding set. He chose Mickey Mouse over Cars and Sports. I was a little bit surprised. We score a toddler bed from a friend for $20! Things were working out just perfectly! 

Austin was all about helping Daddy put his bed together. 

I really adore this picture of these two! 
IMG_7674 IMG_7683 

Austin wasn't too sure about his bed but when mama laid in bed it made it all better. 

Showing Daddy his bed. 

Sad face. Little guy wanted someone to be laying next to him. Put the camera down Mama and snuggle! 

Leave it to Dad to make him smile and giggle again! 

After bath and getting ready for bed, he wasn't too happy being in bed alone. This was not helping me feel better about this transition. 
The first night was a complete success!! He slept just fine and didn't make a peep! 

The 2nd night about 10 minutes after I laid him down he was fussing. I went in just rubbed his back and he was back to sleep in minutes. 

Today I even had to wake this little guy up at 8:10am to take Aubrey to school. This rarely happens. I'm sure that the time change has something to do with it but still I will take this as a win! 
IMG_7799 IMG_7800 

Last night when Conrad and I headed in to go to bed, we found Austin asleep on the floor where that pillow is. He was sound asleep and it didn't even phase him when I moved him back in bed. 

I'm so grateful that this has gone so smoothly, and I know we are only 2 days into in. And to be honest we still rock him to sleep so all he is doing is sleeping in a different bed, but it's still working and we aren't having any wake ups so in my books that's a major win! I do plan on working on having him learn to fall asleep on his own ... someday. For now, I'm still enjoying {for the most part} rocking him to sleep.  

He's really enjoyed going in there and tearing the stuff off his bed and even jumped on it a few times. I'd say that he really likes it. 

If you want to take a look back down memory lane {like I just did} at switching the girls beds. 

Aubrey's crib converted to a daybed here
Aubrey's transition to a big girl bed here
Allyson's crib converted to a daybed here


  1. Oh sweet Austin with his spiked up hair!! I love it!!!

    1. I love it too, makes him look so big. Then we cut it the next day :(

  2. Such a cutie! I am so glad it is going so well. And I enjoyed going back and seeing your girls when they switched to big kid beds. It always throws me off to see a little Aubrey, I think because I didn't know her then.

    1. I never really thought about you not knowing little Aubrey. It seems like we've been friends forever!

  3. I am so glad to hear he is doing pretty well, i hope it continues!

    1. Thanks. I still can't believe it's gone so smoothly.


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