Sunday, March 30, 2014

Austin's 2 year Dr visit

Thursday was Austin's 2 year well check. It was an early appointment for us, 8:30am. I managed to get myself dressed and ready, Aubrey ready and to school, and Allyson ready. Austin was not thrilled about waking up and going to the doctor. He did NOT want me to take his jammies off! 

They poked his toe to check his iron. He didn't cry for the poke, but for the bandaid! He was crying boo boo, boo boo! Mama, my boo boo! It turns out he just wanted the bandaid off. 

He's doing great. He's right on track with the developmental stuff. He's right where he needs to be. I've noticed he is really repeating Aubrey. Tonight they were saying, "Mmm.. chocolate!" and he was saying Mmmm... chalk it. I don't think i've ever heard him say chocolate. 

Next up was a shot. He cried for a bit but stopped as soon as he saw a lollipop. 

Yep, Christmas jammies in March. 

The lovely nurse even brought a blue "sillypop" for Allyson too. Lucky us, suckers before 9AM! 

Anything to make this guy happy! 

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