Sunday, March 30, 2014

Austin's 2 year Dr visit

Thursday was Austin's 2 year well check. It was an early appointment for us, 8:30am. I managed to get myself dressed and ready, Aubrey ready and to school, and Allyson ready. Austin was not thrilled about waking up and going to the doctor. He did NOT want me to take his jammies off! 

They poked his toe to check his iron. He didn't cry for the poke, but for the bandaid! He was crying boo boo, boo boo! Mama, my boo boo! It turns out he just wanted the bandaid off. 

He's doing great. He's right on track with the developmental stuff. He's right where he needs to be. I've noticed he is really repeating Aubrey. Tonight they were saying, "Mmm.. chocolate!" and he was saying Mmmm... chalk it. I don't think i've ever heard him say chocolate. 

Next up was a shot. He cried for a bit but stopped as soon as he saw a lollipop. 

Yep, Christmas jammies in March. 

The lovely nurse even brought a blue "sillypop" for Allyson too. Lucky us, suckers before 9AM! 

Anything to make this guy happy! 

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Saturday, March 29, 2014





Aubrey: Wearing her anklet she made. Painted toenails. Cutest feet around.

Allyson: Little sister was loving having her hands and feet in the sand.

Austin: Tiptoes


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Construction Party

Saturday was Austin's 2nd birthday and what fun it was to celebrate him! He loves his dump trucks so a construction party was the perfect theme for his party.

 Look at my sweet little guy hugging his mama!

It isn't a party if Aubrey doesn't convince us to play freeze dance. All of the kids loved it.

Well not all the kids. 
Just kidding, he had fun. 

The cake was so fun. We found these little trucks and I knew they were perfect for his cake.  It wasn't "tough" but it was tough to just have it be messy and let it look like dirt. But I love how it turned out. 

Austin was being shy when we started to sing happy birthday. I thought it would cry like Allyson did at her 2nd birthday, when we began to sing. No tears from this guy too. And he blew out his candles like a champ! 
IMG_8385  IMG_8389

He loved the chocolate rocks in the back of the dump truck. 



We had cake pop dirt balls as party favors. I had way too many of these guys, yum! 


It was such a fun time with family and friends celebrating Austin. 
the construction hat was the best find. The kids are still running around wearing them. 

Austin James, 
You are the sweetest little boy anyone could ask for! I've loved watching you grow from a baby into a little boy in the last year. I look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you! 
       Love you always, mama 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So what Wednesday

Life After I Dew

This week I'm saying so what if ..

I'm seriously not looking forward to turning 30 next month. I know it's not a big deal, but I still don't want to be thirty!

I'm not ready for summer. I know the rest of the country is in the never ending winter but I wish we had that here! I'm not ready for it to be hot yet. {It was 82 on Monday}

We still have decorations up from Austin's party on Saturday. His banner and the little signs are too cute to take down.

I'm looking forward to my dr appointment so I can have some time to myself.

I'm in denial about being old. My little sister went on her first driving lesson tonight. My sweet little sister that was a little angel for Halloween and I remember taking her trick or treating ... is out driving on the road. She can't be older enough to drive. Cue tears! I am pretty excited for her too.

I'm over most TV shows. I don't really have anything I need to watch. Which is kind of a bummer because Conrad really likes TV and movies and I don't. I just can't sit there and watch. I'd rather do 10 other things.

what are you saying So what to today?!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

St Patrick's Day & Frozen

I'm playing catch up this week, can you tell? Last week was crazy. The transmission in my is going out, so off to the shop it had to go over the weekend. I was without my car last week and this week. It's wasn't too bad. I was able to drive the 4Runner around for a few days. It isn't too bad there is just no room for car seats and people. Aubrey was thrilled that she was able to sit in the front seat because there is no room in the back and there isn't an airbag on the passenger side. She has been loving that. 

I've been doing party stuff and cleaning getting ready for Austin's party last Saturday. I can't believe my youngest is two years old. Time flies! 

Last Monday was St. Patrick's Day. A silly little leprechaun visited our house and turned our milk green. Aubrey and Ally talked about that for days. 

After our walk home from school we headed to the back yard and took some pictures. 


I was able to get a pretty precious picture of Allyson. She's looking and smiling at the camera.  I think she looks like her Daddy here.

And Tuesday was Black Friday at the Disney Store. OH man! I went to pick up Frozen from the Disney Store that we {thankfully} reserved. We went to have Austin's pictures taken then headed over to Disney Store. There was the longest line to pick up. Totally worth every minute. Aubrey was thrilled when she came home from school.

IMG_8144 IMG_8153 IMG_8151 
The kids loved it. The girls had seen it in theaters. I was actually surprised that Allyson and Austin sat and watched the whole thing. The girls have been acting out scenes from the movie which is just darling to watch. Allyson knows all of the words to the songs and most of the movie. Aubrey does too. She even corrects us if we miss a word, sheesh. 

Last night of One

IMG_8212 IMG_8203 IMG_8220
This boy, he's such a goof ball!!  Yes, those are chocolate sprinkles he just would not put down.

Friday night was his last night as a one year old. He's still rocked to sleep but I wanted to capture his last few minutes as a one year old little baby. My baby boy. He's still doing a great job in the toddler bed. He loves it. He takes the craziest things to bed. Tonight it was chocolate sprinkles, it's been a book, a bouncy ball but most nights it's a hot wheels car. He will hold on to it while I rock him and I know he's really asleep when the prized item gently falls from his hand.

I said "Your birthday is tomorrow."
With a sly little smile he said "No, yours!"
"No, it's Austin's."
A bigger smile, "No, Sisters!"
"No bud, it's yours."
then we started with No, you! No, you! Little guy likes to argue.

A few minutes later, I put the camera away, picked up my little baby and sat in bed and rocked him to sleep for the very last time as a one year old.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week for a year. "

Aubrey: ABC Mouse fun! 

Allyson: She loves playing on ABC Mouse. She gets about 30 minutes every couple days to play on there. She loves the coloring pages and the alphabet videos. 

Austin: Naps in Mama's are the best and they seem to last the longest. 


Sunday, March 16, 2014


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week for a year. "

Aubrey: I feel like I can seeing her growing before my very eyes. One way, is the way she's playing. Things need to be more orderly. Before she would set the doll house up however she pleased. Now things need to be in the right places. Bathroom sinks don't go with the kitchen table.

Allyson: She just loves her little cousin Luke and he loves her. They have this special bond.  She threw this blanket on his head for 10 minutes. He laughed, would take it off and then wait for her to throw it back on. Repeat and there was no way on earth you could keep yourself from smiling.

Austin: He tried so very hard to blow bubbles.


Fashion on the Fifteenth {2}

It's the sixteenth, I'm only a day late for Fashion on the Fifteenth hosted by Anna from Two Cent Sparrow. YAY! 

I got this shirt last month when Conrad and I went out for our anniversary. This was a score from JCP. 
I like it. I have a thing for stripes, and I like that this shirt doesn't make me seem wider than I am because of the stripes. 

It has some cute buttons on the left side that my hair is covering up. 

and a fashionable hair tie on my wrist {smh} 

and my new white flats. 

I was looking for a cute brown pair but I came across these and fell in love. 

and it wouldn't be a fashion post of a mama's outfit without her kiddos joining in on the fun! 
Shirt JCP / Jeans American Eagle / Flats Payless / Necklace Charming Charlie's 

Go check out what other ladies are wearing and I hope to see you join in on the fun next month!