Friday, February 7, 2014

Tooth #2

Aubrey lost another tooth!

It's been loose for about a month and really really loose and wiggly for the last 2 weeks. Her second grown up tooth was popping up right behind it, it came in fast! 

Right before bedtime is when that little girl decided to pull that baby out! She ran out of the bathroom. 

"I did it! I did it!!" 

We polished the tooth. She asked Allyson if she wanted to see it and hold it. Allyson said "YES!", Aubrey placed the tooth in her hand and Allyson said "EW!!!" and wanted it out of her hand. 

We filled out another invoice for the tooth fairy. I still don't know how much a tooth goes for these days, I know it's not the $10 that Aubrey seems think it's worth. We settled on $2 again. 

She admired her semi-toothless smile in her jewelry box. 

and then she was so precious and wanted to try her earrings on. That little ballerina in her jewelry box dancing away to the music. I felt like I could just see my little girl growing up. 


She told me that she's going to try to stay up all night so she can meet the tooth fairy. I tried to remind her that the tooth fairy only comes when you are asleep, she might just skip our house. I'm pretty sure she's set on waiting for her, it's 10:30 and I can still hear her in the room. 
I hope this little beauty falls asleep soon, mama is tired! 

For a walk down memory lane, here is where she lost her first tooth. 

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