Thursday, February 6, 2014

Child Training Bible

Two years I had pinned this Child Training Bible . It was one of those things that was like yes, I totally want to do it and then pinned 50 other things and completely forgot about it.  About a year later, I was taking a parenting class at church and one mom there suggested something similar that worked for them, then it clicked. I needed to get that training bible I pinned ASAP!


Supplies Needed:
8 Highlighters
Colored Tabs
3 hours


You go through and you highlight each verse according to the key. Some topics are the same color and appear on the same page so you just write the topic near it. Easy peasy! It took about 3 hours to do and I really enjoyed reading through the verses and hearing what God has to say about some of the things even I'm struggling with. Here I thought I was doing this just for my kid's benefit. 

IMG_6615 IMG_6611 
This is the front page and it lists all the topics. You just pick your topic and grab the tab underneath that matches and there's the verse that you need. 

This has been great for us. I don't have to try to remember and then recall that verse in that moment. It's a calm discussion and we can just see exactly what God says about wrong friendships or dishonesty. We are going straight to God's Word for the answers. 

Allyson enjoys it too. With her we try to stick to one verse that way she hears it and can hopefully stick. 

With Aubrey we are having her choose which verses to read and she reads them to us. 

The CTB comes with questions to ask your child and get to their little hearts. There's also a little prayer to pray with them. 


This has been such a great tool in our house. We have it in a basket on the counter so we can get to it easily. This has been such an amazing tool in opening up God's Word with my kids. 

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