Thursday, February 27, 2014

23 months

This little boy. You guys, he just has my heart. 
He's a little Mama's boy through and through. He loves his Daddy though. When he walks through that door at night, Austin comes running and throws his hands around Conrad's neck. It melts my heart to see my husband and his son and see their relationship grow. 


He's talking more and more. It's still not super clear to others but we know what he's trying to say. Some "fun" phrases he's used in the last few weeks 

I lub you mama
more pleassss
drink drink drink
no mine!! 
No more

His growth has slowed down. He's doing just fine, I just keep waiting for a growth spurt. He seems to be stuck in the same size forever. I bought this shirt for him last year on clearance and couldn't wait for him to wear it this winter. It's just a 2t and it's HUGE! 

He's just the sweetest little guy ever. He's a little lover boy. He will just run in a hug me or cuddle. He waves bye and will run back over and give me kisses. Oh man, this kid. 

He's a picky eater. 

He copies his sister's moves. He screams much louder than they do. 
He cries the biggest crocodile tears daily. 

He loves to have Daddy fix his hair. He's not a fan of Daddy cutting his hair. 

He loves trucks and cars. He makes the vroom vroom noises. Points to "monster trucks" out the window. Wednesday morning are a favorite he gets to see and wave to the garabage truck. He loves fire trucks and the sound they make. 

He's better with his sleeping habits {thank you Jesus!}

He's just an absolute joy to have in our family. Next month, he'll be 2 years old, crazy how fast this has gone by. 

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