Monday, January 13, 2014

Makeup Monday

Today I'm linking up with Trista from Life According to Trista for ...
make up bag

I love link ups like this and seeing what every one has and uses. I'm nosy ok? 

I love my little bag. My sister Tesla bought it for me last year. She's so sweet isn't she? 

So what's in my bag? I'm actually not too into makeup. I actually wish I was more into it. I usually wear it just to feel like I normal person. You know, like I didn't roll out of bed 10 minutes ago even though I've been up with the sun. 

I just have 2 boring browns eye shadows. and that revlon one, I've had since the beginning of time. Seriously, I think it was around the time I had Aubrey and I felt the need to wear makeup. I don't feel like I can break into actual colored eyeshadow, I want to but I think I'm afraid to look like I let Aubrey put make up on me. 

So most days it's just some foundation, eye concealer, and eyeliner and some lipgloss. Easy peasy. I usually take like 5 minutes to get ready. 


So what's in your makeup bag? What can't you live with out? 

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