Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lunch Date with my little lady

My mother in law came over a few weeks ago to watch the little ones so I could have a morning to myself. It was amazing. My first stop was taking Aubrey out to lunch. I remember my mom taking us out for lunches for no reason other than one on one time. It seriously was the best. I always felt so special.

I couldnt' wait to spend lunch with her and hopefully make her feel special. I brought some McDonalds and we headed to the park. We ate in the car because it was too cold out for this old lady.

We had the whole park to ourselves and what did my little girl do? Spend time at the fence talking to her friends! I kept asking her if she wanted to play with me and she would tell me "Mooommm, I'm talking to my friend!!" Gosh, teenager much?

We had a great time. She even said that this was the best lunch ever! Mission accomplished.

 I spent the next couple hours at Target and Hobby Lobby and it was great to be in those store with out the kidlets. Oh but let me tell you how much more I enjoyed that short 45 minutes with my sweet Aubrey.

I think we are going to make this a monthly thing :) 


  1. Really really awesome and special! You're such a cool mom!

    1. I'll take being cool as long as I can get it. :)


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