Friday, January 31, 2014


It's Friday! Wahoo!! Can't wait for Conrad to be home to help wrangle these kids and plus also Super Bowl!!! I definitely looking forward to eating some yummy food. 

1. we headed to the park to met up with some friends for lunch and some mommy hang out while the kids played. 2. Austin passed out after the park. Finally a good nap from this child. 3. Bath time hasn't been the same since we introduced glow sticks. Just about every night is a dark party. 4. Aubrey forgot her lunch so we brought it to her. 5. We desperately need rain here and we saw this sign in a neighbors lawn. Pretty cool. 6. A selfie from Allyson 7.We did get some rain but it definitely isn't enough. Aubrey was bummed that it rained at night {poor girl always seems to happen that way!} she was excited to use her new umbrella to shade her. 8. My throw back Thursday baby Austin. So many things I love about this picture. 

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Happy Friday! 
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